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Surrey Classic Vehicle Club A.G.M.

Sunday 17 October 2021

at 3pm

Banstead Centre


See end of minutes

Minutes of the last meeting October 2019 agreed.

Proposed – David Freeman

Seconded – Jean Digby-Smith

Chairman’s Report

A big thank you to the committee as we still had regular meetings but now using WhatsApp.

Despite Derek’s hard work in drawing up a tick list many shows were cancelled mainly due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Also, the rain was not very kind to us this year as many shows where cancelled due to bad weather.

Tilford did not avoid the rain either, but it did not put a damper on the number of cars that turned up. Due to Covid-19 restriction the committee agreed to reduce the number of cars by distancing the parking of cars.  This received many positive comments.

Treasurer’s Report

A detailed report was made available to all, and is attached.

As Tilford show 2020 was cancelled the club’s income has therefore been reduced.

  • Stalls and auto jumble stalls where reduced in numbers

  • Late entry charge was withdrawn.

  • Hart First Response response therefore an alternative was required which was more expensive.

  • Income from the public entries was less than half of the number expected on a non Covid19 day.

However, the loss to the club was just £250.

No questions where received from the audience.

Membership Secretary

Maureen thanked everyone for continuing to pay their subscriptions during Covid-19.

At this time, we have 58 paid up members so therefore we can invite new members to join.  We do have a list of people showing an interest in joining and they will be contacted in January 2022 with an invite to join our club.


Apologies from Derek that he is not available to attend.

It will be business as usual in the New Year with a tick list going out to members.


No nominations for new committee members were received.

The existing committee will stand for another year.

Proposed by Rolie Luker

Seconded by Alan Bush.

21st Century

The chairman is requesting that in 21st century most information to club members should be sent electronically.  This would ensure that information is sent quickly to all club members.  This will also show that the committee are trying to save money for the club.

It is understood that not all members have an email account, but perhaps they know someone who has and would be prepared to receive the club email messages on their behalf.

The issues below will need to be discussed further at the next committee meeting.

  • Membership cards will no longer be given out.  They will be sent by email with a confirmation renewal funds have been received.

  • Renewals to be sent by email.

  • Tick list to be sent by email.

Club magazine

A hard copy of the magazine is to continue and another issue will be ready by Christmas.  The cost of printing the magazine is approx. £93.00.  Any articles to Lindsay asap.

Christmas 2022

Having firstly held a vote for either an evening event or a lunch event the vote was 16 LUNCH and 18 EVENING.   As it was so close was it was suggested that we alternate the event between evening and lunch.  This was voted on and the majority voted to alternate each year with 2021 being Luncheon and 2022 being an evening event.

A suggestion from the floor was for a Christmas sub-committee to help with the organising. The committee will discuss this issue at the next committee meeting.

Maureen asked that if members wish to sit on a certain table for the Christmas lunch they should let her know.

If members would like to know just what their committee does, they are welcome to come and sit in on any meeting.  They should contact any committee member for information.

Meeting ended at 4.15 pm


Peter Clark

John Gibbons

Rod Garnett

Ken Couzens

Ruth Couzens

Maggie Farrow

Clive Farrow

Phil Dunford

Jan Dunford

Mike Allam
Jasmine Allam

Ken Pike

Linda Pike

Paul Scott
Georgia Scott
Derek Crouch
Imogen Crouch

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