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Surrey Classic Vehicle Club A.G.M.

Sunday 16 October 2022

at 3pm

Banstead Day Centre


See end of minutes.

Minutes of the last meeting October 2021 agreed.

Proposed – Phil Miller

Seconded – David Freeman

Chairman’s Report

A big thank you to the committee for all their help during the year.

A welcome to new members.

It is such a shame that our show at The Living Rural Life Museum was withdrawn by the manager of the museum.   The chairman to contact them in the New Year for any movement on their last years’ decision.


Treasurer’s Report

A detailed report was made available to those present. All Members may request a copy from the Treasurer.

‘John Gallon’ money is £2,500.

  • As Tilford show 2020 was cancelled the club’s income has therefore been reduced.  A careful eye is on expenses as usual.

  • The club still has £2300.0 left from the John Gallon legacy.

  • Members are advised that there is scheduled to be a postal strike for 19 days so any correspondence such as returning Christmas lunch choices should be sent asap or better still by email.

A question from the floor:

As the committee given any thought to increasing the annual subscription?

This issue has been discussed by the committee and was agreed at this time the amount of £20.00 will remain.


Membership Secretary

Maureen thanked everyone for continuing to pay their subscriptions promptly.

The club has 63 paid up members therefore we have 7 spaces for new members.  The new members will be invited to join the club in the New Year.



Derek Crouch has stood down from the committee.  He personally thanked Lindsay for all his help during the year.



Two nominations have been received and have been invited to join the committee- Jeanie Digby-Smith and Phil Miller; they have stepped into the role as Events Organisers.

Phil introduced himself to members and confirmed that a ‘Tick List’ will be out in the New Year.  Phil invited any members who become aware of any shows in 2023 to let him know.


  • The club magazine will now be online and included in the monthly update.  The magazine was costing a lot in printing and postage costs.  As the magazine is a historical account of past shows this can be communicated via the monthly updates.  The monthly updates and on-line magazine will be revisited at the AGM in 2023.

  • Christmas 2022 This year was schedule to be an evening event.  However, it proved difficult to find a venue.  Therefore, a decision was made to once again offer a lunch.  Members were advised that this year there will not be wine on the tables, but a bar is available should anyone wish to buy drinks.  The charge is £27.50 which is the same as last year.  A welcome drink, courtesy of our late member, John Gallon, will be offered.

  • Tilford   The Chairman will contact The Rural Life Living Museum in the New Year to ascertain if there is any change to running our show for 2023.  It was mentioned that their own show in October 2022 was poorly attended.

  • Emails Should any members need to contact all our member they should please advise a committee member in the first instance.  Some members have advised they have not been receiving any emails.  These members were asked to check with Lindsay.

  • Club clothing Please contact Maureen if you are interested in ordering any club memorabilia.



Nothing from the floor.

The meeting ended at 3.55pm


Melvin and Yong Towndrow

Jean and Eric Digby-Smith

Phil and Fran Speed

Alan and Carrie Palmer

Michael and Carol Guthrie

Rod and Carol Garnett

Richard and Linda Pike

David and Janet Nancekievill

Tony and Di Bird

Sylvie Mills

Dale and Pat Hicks

Alan and Angela Bush

Phil and Jan Dunford

Pru McPherson

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