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Owners David and Patricia Churchill

The Porsche 968 has a front mounted, liquid cooled  2990cc engine with variable valve timing producing some 254hp and a top speed of around 150mph. Drive is through the rear wheels via a transaxle and my car has the automatic Tiptronic gearbox  The high spec "Coupe" is quite rare in the UK as at the time they were considerably more expensive than similar cars from Jaguar etc. Whilst Porsche continued to offer the "Coupe" they introduced from 1993 model year the Sport and Club Sport models, 16% cheaper stripped out versions with less driver comforts. These became the most popular 968s in the UK until production stopped in 1995. 

I purchased this car in May last year, It has covered some 108,000 miles and has a full service history and only been of the road for one year in it's 30 year life. I have sorted some minor issues with alternator charging and heater control servo motors and am hoping to have the bonnet and front bumper resprayed in the Spring to fix stone chips and some minor parking damage.

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